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Model : OLC-1000

Speed : 2~7 pails/mins

Type : non -stop caper -belt system

Supply : AC415 v ,50HZ

size 500mm (W) x 1000mm(L) x 500mm (H)

Semi Automatic Spindle Capper

Features :

1) Adopt the mode of  “one motor control one capping wheel” ,

     which can ensure the machine to work stably and keep consistent

     torque under long term working condition .

2) The gripper belts can be adjusted separately, which allow the

     machine to be suitable for capping bottles with various heights

     and shapes .

3)  If you choose the optional cap guiding system together with the machine, it also fit for the caps

4)  The convenient construction adjustment system is equipped with

      precise ruler and counter . (touch panel display )

5)  The torque limiters can ensure the torque consistency effectively 

6)  The main frame can be adjust the height according to your existing conveyor height by the handle wheel .

7)  All the structure are stainless steel 304 .

8)  The main electrical components are OMRON , SCHNEIDER

9)   The capping wheel is imported from U.S.A  .

10)  Vibrator feeder in sorting the cap in down wards position and auto dispense in line when the bottle pass through the dispenser  before the capping machine .

11)  Capping speed : Max 120 bottle per minutes.

12)  Range of bottle height  :  60mm – 350mm

13)  Range of bottle diameter : 60mm – 150 mm

14)  Range of cap diameter :  10mm – 100mm

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